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Authorization Number: K-299467-1


What is an ITTO control?


The ITTO control (ordinance on low voltage installations) is compulsory for any owner or operator of electrical installations. Requested by GIS, it can take the form of a periodic, final or acceptance check to verify that your electrical installations are safe.

Thanks to our approved electrical inspectors, LUMI'ELEC SA assesses the conformity of the electrical installations, will provide you with a safety report as well as the solutions to be provided since the owner or the operator is himself required to repair any electrical fault identified on a building.

When to check?


The periodicity of the control varies according to the allocation of the premises. It can be 1, 3, 5, 10 or 20 years as long as the property remains in the hands of the same owner. This control must be carried out by a control body independent of the person who built or designed the installation. In the event of the sale of the property, the inspection is compulsory (five-year inspection) if the last visit by the security adviser dates back more than five years before the sale.

To be checked each year:

Group 2 medical premises, construction site & markets.

To be checked every 5 years:

Installations of large craft and industrial buildings, supermarkets, theatres, cinemas, hotels, restaurants, nursing homes, hospitals, service stations and car repair shops.

To be checked every 10 years:

Installations of administrative premises, industrial workshops, premises wet or exposed to fire used industrially, farms, sales premises, churches, pleasure and sports boats.

To be checked every 20 years:

Residential building.

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