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Initial training – FCC Assembly Electrician, FCC Assembly Electrician


Here are the main tasks of this profession of an initial training of 3 years:

  • Installation of the electrical panel and cables for the power supply of construction machinery

  • Installation of tubes, wires and connections for new installations

  • Connections of electrical equipment and lighting fixtures in homes

  • Installation and installation of office lighting and machinery

  • Connections of motors and various devices in factories and workshops

  • Commissioning and first checks of the electrical installations carried out

  • Use of measuring and control devices

Initial training – FCC electrician installer, FCC electrician installer

The training for the profession of installer-electrician is more thorough than that of assembly electrician. Indeed, it includes among other things the same tasks as those of an assembly electrician, but also additional knowledge. Here are the additional tasks of the trade of electrician installer whose initial training is 4 years:

  • Design and connection of telephone, computer and multimedia installations

  • Modifications and troubleshooting of electrical and communications networks

  • Wiring and connection of electrical panels

Continuing education

All our technicians and specialists thus regularly undergo training in order to adapt to changes in standards and technologies, so that they can remain masters in their respective fields and best meet your needs.

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